When ordering, please select the size option most suitable for the “end-purpose”. of
You would not attempt to fit a 13″ tyre onto a 15″ rim, so do not expect a “designed for web”
(810 x 540px) size shot to be blown up to A4 without a huge image quality loss.
Should you require a size not listed, please contact us prior to ordering, we can offer other sizes if needed. 

The newly introduced photo package for all events consists of a set of high-res images(suitable to print at A3), and a duplicate set at 810 x 540 pixels which is perfect for facebook and webpage use.
Booked pre-event, the charge is £20, post-event £25. Images will be sent via e-mail within 36 hrs of the event.
There will be a minimum of 4 images per set(typically 6 or more if the finals are reached).

For a better buying experience we have switched the payment method over to Stripe.
To initiate the “shopping cart”, just click on the trolley in the lower left hand corner of the galleries.
A nominal postage/handling charge is already added to the order where applicable.
All current UK cards are accepted.

For more complex images, sizes, montages etc. please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail
for further information.
Please click here.